Parent Testimonials

"My 7 year old son loves going to the classes at Excellence Tuition. It has given him confidence which he needed a lot. I am happy to see his results have improved. Starting with Excellence Tuition has been a great decision - I highly recommend them!"
Diana (Son in Year 3)

“Just to let you know, your hard work paid off - Lauren achieved a Level 5A!! She moved up 4 sub levels in her latest tests - her teacher was really pleased and so are we!”
Ms. Somerville (Daughter in Year 8)

“Tyra is now in the top set for numeracy at school so the Saturday School tutoring is really helping!”
Ms. Howard (Daughter in Year 4)

“My daughter was predicted a grade ‘E’ for GCSE and hated algebra! However, after being taught by her Excellence Tuition tutor she sat her exam and went straight to the algebra questions – this showed how much her confidence had grown. To our delight, she achieved a grade ‘C’! My daughter's school now recommends Excellence Tuition to other parents, and I’ve been informed that the students who were referred have since achieved excellent results.”
Mrs Wilton (Daughter in Year 11)

“Through the tutor’s hard work and professionalism, our son developed confidence in his weakest subject (Maths), and exceeded his GCSE target grade. I would not hesitate to recommend Excellence Tuition to any parent who wants to get extra support for their child."
Mrs Cox (Son in Year 11)