Excellence Tuition Group Classes

  • We provide both Maths tuition & English tuition for primary and secondary school children (Years 4-13, ages 8-18) on a small group basis; in particular, we focus on preparation for the national SATs, GCSE and A Level examinations.

  • In addition, we specialise in preparing children (Years 4-6, ages 8-11) for the 11+ entrance examinations (both grammar & private schools) for which we cover Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning & Non-Verbal Reasoning.

  • Our group tuition classes are welcoming and encouraging; the atmosphere is one of enthusiasm, positivity and determination. In many cases, younger siblings have been sent to us on the basis that their older siblings have  previously attended the Excellence Tuition group classes and their parents have been more than satisfied with the tuition programmes we deliver.

  • We pride ourselves on providing in-depth, comprehensive group tuition programmes often covering material which schools are not able to cover in-depth due to time constraints

What differentiates us from other tuition providers is that:

  • Our tutors are subject specialists with a genuine passion for their subject; our tutors' fundamental aim is to impart their knowledge and enthusiasm to our students.
  • Our classes are small and welcoming (average class size 4, maximum class size 8).
  • During our classes, we ensure that each child gets one-to-one (121) time with the tutor in every lesson.
  • Our tutors set homework so that taught material is reinforced and this work is reviewed in the following lesson.

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