Former Student Testimonials

"I never liked maths and I had always found it almost impossible to get my head around it. I used to get so nervous and end up in a flood of tears when confronted with maths, so when I had to re-take my maths GCSE as it was a course requirement for Psychology Bsc (something I had set my heart on studying) I felt destined for failure. During my course I found that I was struggling to keep up and was having to put much more effort in to just barely understand. I'm sure at the rate that I was going at I would have failed.

When I met Ramona, after being referred by a friend, I didn't have much hope as my exams were only a couple of weeks away. Ramona proved that with an excellent teaching style and kind but firm encouragement it was more than possible for me to ace my exam. She made everything thing seem so easy unlike like other teachers I have had who made maths seem like rocket science.  She was there anytime I needed her and guided me through effective revision. My experience was amazing and has changed my whole outlook on maths, I used to hate it but now I love it and am one of the top in my statistics class. She got me from a possible fail to a C (getting only 2 questions wrong in my exam) in just a couple of weeks, now that is what I call excellent tuition!"
Corrina,Year 13

“My confidence grew and I learnt how to answer exam questions. The group sessions were great because, as well as learning from the tutor, we learnt from each other's mistakes in a friendly environment. I was thrilled when I got my final grade!”
Natalie,Year 11

“All the tutors were really helpful and were happy to explain as many times as I needed. I got an 'A' in Maths and a 'B' in English. I was overwhelmed with these results and it was down to the hard work of not just me but  Excellence Tuition. Without their help I really don’t think I would have achieved these GCSE grades.”
Olivier, Year 11

“With the help of Excellence Tuition, I got an 'A*'!”

Sarah, Year 11

“My tutor helped me get from a 'U' to an 'A' grade in my AS Maths module so you can imagine I was over the moon!"
David, Year 13

"Excellence Tuition really helped me achieve a high grade in my maths GCSE. In Year 10 I was on a ‘D’ grade in Maths and felt that I would fail my GCSE; in all the mocks and practice papers I had sat, I only managed to finish just over half of the paper in the time given! But part-way through Year 11, I joined the Excellence Tuition group classes and, after being with them for 5-6 months, I achieved an ‘A’ grade in my final Maths GCSE! In fact, I finished the exam with over 30 minutes to spare!

By getting an A grade, I was able to continue Maths at A-Level and I have stayed with Excellence Tuition  to support me with this. I would like to thank Ramona (my Excellence Tuition tutor) for all the help she gave me."
Majidul, Year 12

“My tutor was easy to talk to and work with. She took a genuine interest in my studies and I achieved a higher grade than my school predicted.”
Matthew, Year 11