Excellence Tuition's Approach

  • The Excellence Tuition programmes are structured with a 'back to basics' approach, i.e. not only covering the national curriculum but including core material which enables our students to gain a full understanding of the subjects as a whole, thus giving them the tools and confidence needed to successfully tackle exam questions.

  • Our Maths tuition lessons place strong emphasis on non-calculator (mental maths) skills as well as algebraic manipulation and problem solving. With the right teaching behind them, we have witnessed a number of our pupils excel in Maths with some students' knowledge and confidence growing to the extent that they attained the A* grade at GCSE level.

  • Our English tuition classes focus on the development of both oral and written skills as well as increasing our students' vocabulary by introducing extended vocabulary on a weekly basis. Our tutors know that the way to excel in English is to encourage our students to take an interest in being able to fully express themselves and our tutors then ensure that they provide our students with the necessary skill-set to enable them to achieve this.

  • As well as teaching new material, our tutors are always willing to provide extra support to our students with regards to their day-to-day schooling. By helping to clarify areas where uncertainty lies, our tutors work in tandem with the mainstream schools enabling our students to gain a fuller understanding of the subjects with which they need help.

  • Our tutors provide both ongoing support throughout the academic year and targeted support for the mock and national examinations.