Excellence Tuition 11+ Entrance Examination Preparation Classes

We pride ourselves on enabling our students to secure places at top schools and thus providing them with every opportunity for bright and successful futures at their chosen schools and beyond. The following are testimonials from some of our former students and their parents.

Parents of Former Students

"My son received group and one-to-one tuition lessons with Excellence Tuition from January 2011 to January 2012 in order to help him with the specific disciplines and techniques to prepare for 11+ entry examinations at selective and non-selective state grammar schools and independent secondary schools. Harvey's ability and confidence grew throughout the period and his improvement in all required disciplines and techniques enabled him to pass all the exams at his top three choice schools - namely Whitgift, Wilson's and Emanuel. He has been offered places at his top two choices based on academic achievement in the exams and at interview.

The expert tuition and advice that his tutor provided in both group and one-to-one sessions (including interview technique), combined with the enthusiasm and drive that she stimulated in Harvey to learn and improve are entirely responsible for his success. The tutor also made me, the parent, involved at all stages and provided advice and guidance to enable me to support the tuition classes and homework. This is a stressful time for both parent and child alike and the support of Excellence Tuition made us both feel at ease and involved.

I have no hesitation in recommending Excellence Tuition to any parent who wants to prepare their child for success at 11+ entrance exams."

Andy, SW16

"In my quest to prepare my son for the 11+ entry examinations for selective grammar schools for the year September 2012, I opted for Excellence Tuition back in January 2011. I had already done some work with Morgan, and he had been assessed by another tuition school who did not leave me with much confidence based on their style and the initial feedback they gave on Morgan after spending only 3 hours with him.

I found Excellence Tuition a breath of fresh air in comparison, as the groups were far smaller and Morgan’s tutor was very thorough in her assessment and support both in the class with the students and with me; providing advice and guidance which enabled me to support Morgan’s learning at home.

The outcome of the above, the professionalism, the tools and techniques and the personal attention the tutor provided has certainly helped Morgan grow in confidence and develop his academic skills, so much so that he went on to pass all the grammar school tests which he sat namely: Wallington Boys, Wilson’s and Sutton Grammar. Furthermore, Morgan has been offered a place at his first choice – Wilson’s!

This is a huge achievement of which we, as parents, and Morgan are truly grateful! Morgan’s so impressed that he has decided to return and continue with Maths and English. This along with his love of writing – which I must say has come on in leaps and bounds, as both his tutor and I see a budding play writer emerging before us – is testimony to the personal nature and thoroughness of his tutor's teaching ability . The continued coaching and expansion of Maths, as well as developing personal creative writing pieces which Morgan so loves doing, will certainly prepare Morgan for the work that is to come in the year ahead and beyond.

Excellence Tuition comes highly recommended by me – a very satisfied parent who continues to reap the benefit of their teaching for both my 11 year old son and 8 year old daughter, who has recently joined a small group of Year 3 students in their pursuit to build confidence and prepare for 11+."

Su, SW16

"This is to say a very big thank you for the hard work and support throughout the time my daughter was with you. If you remember, she came in at the beginning of Year 5 for her Maths, English and Verbal reasoning tuition in order to prepare her for the 11+ exams. This was a time of heightened anxiety for us as parents and the pressure on her to achieve in order to gain entry into the school of our choice. When Zeinab started your classes, she was just hovering on a Level 4 for her English and Maths, but with the hard work of Excellence Tuition, she passed all her exams and was offered places at the following schools: Old Palace of John Whitgift, Sydenham High School, Streatham and Clapham High School. She was also chosen to sit the Level 6 papers in her SAT's at her school.

Once again a huge thank you to you and all the staff at Excellence Tuition. I would not hesitate to recommend you to any parent."

Femi, SW16

Former Students

"I have received phenomenal tuition from Excellence Tuition - they have created a future for me at one of the best schools in the country and I would recommend them to anyone. I received amazing group and one-to-one from the best teacher in the world! I socialised with other kids after classes and learned things I had never heard of before in my life."

Harvey, SW16

"My time at Excellence Tuition with my tutor proved invaluable!  She provided me with tools and techniques that have helped me hone my skills in Maths, English, Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning, which in turn prepared me for the three gruelling Grammar School tests I had to take to get into my school of choice.  In fact, I passed all three and was indeed awarded a place at one of the most highly acclaimed grammar schools in the UK!

I am indebted to my tutor, as her expertise and motivation have driven me to reach my full potential and academic goals for KS2; one of which was achieving 100% in my year 6 maths SATs tests – moving on to gaining a level 6 grade overall.

Thank you for all your help and support in getting me to where I am today – and it doesn’t stop here ;o)”

Morgan, SW16