Excellence Tuition GCSE Maths & English Group Classes

Our teaching programme provides Maths and English tuition on a small group basis ensuring that all students receive one-to-one attention in each lesson. As well as focussing on covering the full syllabus, we also work through a number of past GCSE examination papers to ensure that our students are familiar with exam questions and thus are confident when they sit their final GCSE examinations.

GCSE Maths Classes

  • Our Maths tuition classes are taught by our Principal (click on the following link to see the Excellence Tuition Principal's résumé) and are hugely popular with our students.
  • In our Maths classes, children are encouraged to develop a range of skills including mental (non-calculator) maths, algebraic manipulation and problem solving techniques.

GCSE English Classes

  • Our English tuition classes are taught by one of our Senior tutors, an academic with a flair for creative writing, who has been with us since our inception.
  • Our English classes, focus on the development of both oral and written skills as well as increasing our students' vocabulary by introducing extended vocabulary on a weekly basis.

Click on the following link to see the Excellence Tuition Group timetable for our after-school classes.